“it is not a weakness”

Sometimes…I feel very alone in the world.

I think we all feel like that a lot of the time but are afraid to admit it. To show a weakness. Essentially I could be very depressive and say…the only person you can really depend on is yourself, not to leave you or let you down. BUT in truth you are NEVER alone. Family, friends, work mates…they are all there; all you need to do is reach out.

I would be no where without my friends to confess all the thoughts bombarding around in my head (and never be judged) and family to always be there for me no matter what. I am reminded this more and more as I live in London and belong to a affectionately handicapped boyfriend currently living in Florida. (I can say that as I love him….and he will never find out)

That’s something I want to move forward as my next step into the Rose Honick brand. To build a community that’s not just about buying; to hold social meetups with designers, makers, anyone that loves it as a hobby, people who dream about it but haven’t reached that point to start…its important to support one another no matter how small your dream may be. I think that attitude is something I never want to lose in the industry minefield.

….Or maybe I’m just becoming deeper and more full of shit as I listen to TED Talks and inspiring life pod casts every morning….

So I’m going to put this out there…if anyone has any problem that needs advice or feels alone or just want to chat my email is emily@rosehonick.com

p.s. my zips came. They are gold and I love them….now to decide the zip tape colour…



“just throw me someone”

Monday….brilliant day. I GOT THE KEYS TO MY STUDIO!

desk space

The desk is a lot bigger than it looks in the studio and its SO NICE AND WHITE AND BRIGHT! My first thought was “amazing photo light”….classic designer.

EVEN BETTER is that the designer next to me is practically my age and a textile designer too. I was wading through my time in London thinking….”just throw me someone decent PLEASE” and it worked…i got someone! Hopefully my other neighbors…who I have yet to meet will be just as cool.

So I don’t think I have updated you guys on where exactly I am work wise in a while….so to summerise. I am working as a marketing assistant for the New Designers show in London 3 days a week; Shop assistant at Sew Over It 2 days a week; one day in the studio (plus every waking moment i have free) working on Rose Honick…and one day off 🙂

annnnnnd I smell dinner….so I hope everyone feels JUST as excited for my studio space as I am….means there will lots of interesting stuff coming!

“it’s pretty damn awesome”

I wrote some posts on holiday whilst I was internet-less but never posted them so I’m sorry for my absence on the blog front….but if you follow me on instagram or twitter…I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!

So the past couple of days (friday, saturday & sunday..today) have been really awesome. Friday I went to go check out a studio/desk space to work in and fell in LOVE…unlimited access to the print studio, my own keys, MY OWN DESK. It may not seem exciting for a lot of you readers…but working off your aunts kitchen table…or deckchair in the garden has its down sides. Especially when your trying to start your own professional business…

I’ll post some pictures and show you the space tomorrow as I am going to pick up my keys.

SATURDAY. This was another amazing day. If you live in England you will understand when I say IT WAS SUNNY…and I had two craft fairs on my agenda: Renegade and Crafty Fox.

Renegade fair was probably THE best fair for designer makers I have been too. Really good selection of designers…no crap…or toot that would normally be fall a Kent Craft fair….sorry Kent.


I gave myself a £10 budget to buy a little something from my favorite stalls…you can’t go wrong with cat illustrations…like I always say…anything cat related is hilarious.

SUNDAY. (TODAY) I think I fell in love with Kew gardens. I absolutely loved it. I went with my mate Todd (Hello Todd) and found a nice bit of grass (tones to choose from) by the Bogoda? I have no idea how you spell it…

tropical 2

I literally did not wana move I was pretty damn happy just chilling there. That’s what life is about. Taking the time to actually take some time OUT. It sounds so corny, but for the first time in a while I feel like everything is coming together and life is PRETTY GOOD…

This is a postcard I bought from the Marianne oil paintings they had on display at Kew. The colours were amazing and I will be going back there FOR SURE for some print inspiration.


All in all…life is pretty alright…and I have come to realise I LOVE LONDON. I wasn’t that attached to it before but it’s pretty damn awesome.

The power of a good week and friends!

It has been a really good week…already!

I feel very happy that I can say that! I don’t think we are able to say that often in our lives. Have you had a really good week so far?

It started off with going to help Jonna Saarinen in her studio on Monday with printing. It was brilliant to talk to her as she’s so honest, open and really really helpful. We printed some scarves she has been commissioned to make for a shop in London which look amazing, I love neon pink! As you can see below this is only stage 1 of printing but already I wanted one…

jonna scarves

She also very kindly let me try out the Permaset Supercover Inks, which I had been confused and wanted to just try for ages. For anyone that doesn’t know they are environmentally friendly screen printing inks with AMAZING colour.


This was me trying out how they layered and printed onto coloured fabric. It was always was my dream to print eco-friendly and I feel instantly happier in myself that this is achievable now.

Another lovely part of my week was meeting up with Kate (HELLO KATE!) owner and founder of LookLikeLove. For those of you who don’t know it’s a brilliant community and platform for designers who are starting out, to showcase their work. I met her for coffee and talked business, bouncing around ideas and asking her opinion on things. It’s brilliant to be able to do something like this and I definitely am going to aim to do it more often. I think in our busy lives its hard to remember that small things like this are very important to keep us grounded and SANE. She made me feel a lot better about decisions I had made for the business and also points I hadn’t considered.

And LASTLY, before I talk your head off and my pasta boils over….FRIENDS ARE SO IMPORTANT AND AMAZING! Being in Kent I DID NOT have much of a social life. I can openly admit that I was a loner…but being in London I have actually been able to get out and meet them. I forgot how nice it is to just chill out! Never under estimate the power of just meeting with a friend; really made me happy!

Cat friends

Never forget the good things.

In this post I wanted to talk about the things I most likely take for granted….that we all take for granted. Because as much as we have times where we think life is shit…we forget about all the good things…big or small. So I am going to write a list of all the GOOD things in my life…and I think YOU should take 5 minutes to do the same.

1. I am living in a multi-million pound house rent free, food free in London.

2. I have a super generous Aunt & Uncle which allow me to live in said house.

3. I have amazing parents (still together from a blind date at 18, now 51)

4. My sister lives in Brighton and I can go visit whenever I want…I love staying with her.

5. I have a boyfriend which I love, 3 years together and I am really happy/ lucky to have him.

6. I LOVE what I do, I have a passion for something….not a lot of people can say that…

7. We have a house (loose meaning of the word) in France which we work on as a family. I love our regular trips down, smashing things down, building things up.

8. I don’t have 50 billion friends but I have some! And I know I am never alone.

9. I have a home back in Kent to run home to if the city ever gets to much and I need some fields and sheep to look at.

10. I am grateful…to be ALIVE.

So I think that a lot of the time we just need to step back and really remind ourselves that we don’t have it that bad after all. Saying that….everyone has their own battles to fight no matter how small another person may think it is….it could be a mountain for the other. BUT NEVER FORGET THE GOOD THINGS!!!…we always have a tendency to get stuck in the negative…

I had this Epiphany moment while on a coach today taking the kids to paint balling…I always say that my best ideas happen on bus journeys!!!